Financial Freedom Vision Board

I woke up one morning motivated to put my financial plan in front of me. What better way to hold myself accountable than to have to wake up and see it every morning, update it often times each month and go to sleep with it right there in front of my eyes. I can admit that I am on the artsy side of things, so anything I create has to be extraordinary to my eyes. I found my way to Michaels Arts and Crafts began to shop for anything I felt I needed and anything that was on sale.

 My purchase included:

1 Large Cork Board

1 Bag of Medium Sized Clothes Pins

1 Bag of Thumb Tacks

Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

Spray Paint

Clearance Stationery Packet

Puff Paint

Clearance Pack of Mini Chalkboard Tags


After getting home, I was super excited to begin my creation. My plan was to make sure I had a place to update my paid and unpaid bills monthly, a place to keep my goals for the day, a place for random notes, a section to keep up with the things I wanted to do, I was doing, and I had done, as well as a place to remind myself what each of my paychecks were designated to. Most importantly, I added a section that reminded me why I was doing this and placed a mirror in that area!!


I spray painted my board to make it more attractive to my eye.

After spray painting my board, I worked on each section. The Monthly Finance Goals section is so that it would make it easier to see which bills I’ve paid and which ones still have been unpaid for the month. I have the titles of my bills on the mini chalkboard tags and they are being held with glued down clothes pins (two per tag/bill). One clothes pin faces the left, unpaid bills, and the other faces the right, paid bills.

The Notes section just contains a glue down notepad. This allows me to jot down quick ideas or things that need to be done, tear it off and take it with me or just leave it there until I organize what I am supposed to be doing with the information.


Today’s Goals is just a place that I put down the things I NEED to make sure I get done for that day. The difference between that section and my Do, Doing and Done section is that this section contains the things I have time to get done over a certain time period. That could be before the end of the week, month and up to a year. It’s more of the final step, not necessarily the process it takes to get to the final step.

The Paycheck Breakdown section is just a breakdown of what my next paycheck is dedicated to. The final section is just a reminder of why I do what I do, my motivation for my organization and financial freedom is myself. With that being said, I just glued down a mirror so I can be reminded that I can’t deviate from this plan in order to be where I want to be, where I need to be and where I deserve to be!

Final Product!!!!

Bonus Note: I have a monthly budget for EVERYTHING!!! My wallet is set up using the envelope system!

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